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SlingPlayer is telling me that I have a weak or no video signal but I have a good Internet connection.

If you see a message in SlingPlayer or the Slingbox Setup Assistant that says We're not detecting any video or Weak or no video signal it's not the end of the world. Here's what to do.

Please be aware that this article explains how to use legacy software (the desktop SlingPlayer for Windows and SlingPlayer for Mac), which Sling Media no longer develops or supports.

Note: These messages have nothing to do with your Internet connection.

Typically, you see these messages in the following situations:

  1. You're setting up a Slingbox with a tuner in it and you haven't scanned for channels yet.
    The Slingbox may have come from the factory pre-tuned to a channel that you don't receive well in your area. Or you may have previously set up your Slingbox, and then moved.


    In these cases, you get that message because the Slingbox isn't getting a good, strong television signal during the setup process. Once you scan the channels and change the Slingbox to a station that has a good signal in your area, you should be fine.

  2. There are problems with the cables and the connections to your audio/video device.
    Your Slingbox isn't getting a good video signal because of these problems. Double-check the cables and the connections.


  3. You're getting a weak signal from a TV station's broadcast.

    With digital broadcasting, there's what's called the "cliff's edge" effect. Either you get a good, strong signal or almost nothing. With an analog signal, you'd get static if there was a weak signal. With digital, it's pretty much all or nothing. If you're having problems receiving one of your favorite digital channels, try getting a better antenna that's designed for digital broadcasts.

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