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Slingbox disconnects while scanning TV channels

Does your coaxial port equipped Slingbox disconnect when scanning channels? Here are some things to look at.

Some Slingbox models have a coaxial port, which accepts coax cable connections:


These coaxial-port Slingbox models include:

  • Slingbox "Classic"

  • Slingbox TUNER

  • Slingbox PRO

  • Slingbox PRO-HD

These Slingbox models can scan for available channels within your cable television service. You scan for channels when setting up your Slingbox for the first time, but you can also periodically rescan channels to find new or changed ones.

If your Slingbox disconnects during this scanning operation, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure that the Slingbox has the coaxial cable properly connected on the back.
    This goes without saying ... but the first thing to check is the tightness of all connections. Coaxial cables are especially easy to connect improperly. They can also loosen over time.

  • Make sure that your computer and Slingbox are hard-wired to the router.
    If you've connected your Slingbox to your router using a powerline connection, or by Wi-Fi, these might work well enough under normal circumstances. But for the scanning operation, try connecting your Slingbox to your router directly.

  • Make sure that the Slingbox Software is updated.
    Slingbox Software, sometimes called firmware, is the internal software that helps your Slingbox run properly. It needs to be fully up-to-date for best performance from your Slingbox. There's more information below.

Download desktop versions of SlingPlayer here

Sling Media Software

Download Sling Media Software for Slingbox, legacy Sling Media products and SlingLink.

Updating Slingbox Software and other info

How do I update the firmware (Slingbox software) on my Slingbox?

Your Slingbox is normally updated automatically when it's on and connected to the Internet. But there are some instances when you may need to manually update it. Here are step-by-step instructions for doing this.

Some of my channels are missing in SlingPlayer. I can view them the regular way on my TV, so what's going on?

You've set up your Slingbox PRO-HD or Slingbox PRO using the internal tuner and it's not showing you all of the channels that you normally receive. If some of your channels don't appear when using the internal tuner in your Slingbox, here are some troubleshooting steps.

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