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There are a few ways to connect your Slingbox to your home network and the Internet.

Direct Ethernet Connection

Direct Connection

When your router is near your Slingbox.



When your router is in a different room.

If neither of these will work, you can try a wireless solution (such as wireless gaming adapters). However, we don't recommend these. Wireless connections generally don't offer the continuous high-quality connection that a cable (either with or without SlingLinks) can provide.

General info about home networking

What's a router?

It's a question you shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask! Many folks with home networks aren't sure either.

Cable and Connector Glossary

Confused by all of the ports and cables on the back of your TV or Slingbox? Here's an illustrated glossary.

Some help with common problems

All about the lights on the front of the Slingbox

The lights on the front of the Slingbox can help with troubleshooting, as well as letting you know what's going on with your Slingbox.

The Network light on your Slingbox blinks or turns off

When you power up your Slingbox, does the Network light on the front continually blink, and never glow steadily? Or does it turn off? If so, here are a few tips and tricks to help get you watching your TV anywhere!


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