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Are you having trouble figuring out the audio and video ports on the back of the Slingbox 120?


The Slingbox 120 is designed to be connected to one standard definition composite source, and it has the ability to pass that signal through to your connected TV.

Below are a few examples of what a typical TV hook up will look like when using the Slingbox 120.

Connecting your Audio/Video source
Slingbox 120 composite hookup
Hooking up your Slingbox to a Standard Definition video source
This is a series of 3 diagrams that will show you how to hook up your standard definition video source to your Slingbox 120 using composite cables.
Connecting your Remote Control IR cable
Hooking up the Remote Control IR Cable
Connecting the Remote Control IR cable
The Remote Control IR cable is what enables the Slingbox to control your video source when you are watching TV on your computer or mobile phone. Here is a nice image of how it should be set up.

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