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Choose one of the following options:
SlingPlayer for iPhone
Help using SlingPlayer for your iPhone and iPod Touch.
SlingPlayer for iPad
Help using SlingPlayer for your iPad.
SlingPlayer for Android
Help and documentation for SlingPlayer for Android.
SlingPlayer for Windows Phone
Help and documentation for SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7.

Have questions about registration or data usage? Take a look here

Did you replace your handheld or get a new one? Want to know if you can transfer/share your SlingPlayer app?

SlingPlayer is available from different sources, depending on the mobile device you have. If you wish to transfer, share or extend your SlingPlayer app, check the table below to see if you can.

I lost my SlingPlayer key number. What do I do?

You can retrieve your product registration key for most versions of SlingPlayer.

I have a limited data plan, can I use a Slingbox?

My smartphone (or home Internet service) has a limited data plan, where I'm allowed only a certain amount of data usage per month. Can I use a Slingbox?


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SlingPlayer Mobile

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